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About Captain Jim Maya

Jim and Ike Capt. Jim was born in New York City in 1939, but grew up in Hammond, Indiana, a suburb of Chicago. He was the wildlife counselor at camp, and has been a lifelong naturalist, and bird and wildlife enthusiast. He graduated from Indiana University, in 1962 with a major in History and a minor in Theatre, despite his lifelong love of wildlife. He taught public school, mostly Drama, in Indiana, California and Washington from 1962 until 1997, when he retired from teaching. He and his wife, Carolee, also a retired teacher, built their home on San Juan Island in 1990 and have lived there since 1994. Jim and Carolee have 4 grown children and six grandchildren ranging in age from two to eighteen, including a set of twin boys, born in January of 1999 and latest addition, Ike, born in 2007.

Carolee and Twins Jim is now "Captain Jim." With years of experience for guided personal whale watch trips on the waters of San Juan Island, Washington, he now owns and captains the whale watch charter boat "Peregrine" out of Mitchell Bay operating Maya's Westside Charters. During the winter Captain Jim and Mrs. Captain Jim travel and visit grandchildren and old friends. He is also an avid photographer, and loves to take out other photographers to capture images of the San Juans and the local wildlife.

Captain Jim is a kid-friendly captain and welcomes children and adults of any age aboard his new boat the "Peregrine". His previous boat, the Annie Mae was voted the Best Whale Watch Boat in San Juan County (see San Juan Journal article of May 30th, 2001) for the People's Choice Award. He is the most experienced whale watch captain in the San Juans. He has been boating through the islands since 1988, and has been a professional captain since 1996.

Capt. Jim


Phone: 360-378-7996
Cell: 360-622-6305